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As part of my attempt to review as of many captioning and translation tools as possible, I thought I’ll do the next one where I’m going to be doing a quick review and a demonstration of an app on Android called ‘Say Hi’. Literally, ‘Say Hi’. But before we get into that, make sure you hit that subscribe and if you want to support the channel make sure you check out my Patreon page. I would love your support so I can continue doing content like this. For now though let’s get straight into my phone you should be able to see it right there and let’s go.

English dictionary app- Hi Dictionary offline

Hi Dictionary-Free Language Translation Dictionary apk

Let’s go to the app here, ‘Say Hi’ or ‘Say Hi Translate’. Hmm, Interesting. So…needs access to your phone of course allow I mean this is I don’t my apps do this great say hi why why would I wear something I haven’t used it so no thanks I don’t want to do that would you like to translate the text in your clipboard I don’t understand that so I’ll just speed and that’s coming up I’m going to say no Twitter a just speed what happens I tap on that I can learn more I’m not ready yet English to run in languages okay alright so Spanish United States at the top you can select input tap to speak hold to type or I can type it in if I want to voices or fast and then alright now that makes sense so then I can find everything here like that right okay so let just stick with it Spanish or maybe you know if we’re going to be doing transcription let’s go to English let’s go to English you know the kingdom,


Chat Translation


Oh said something I couldn’t hear that right doctor done a chapter and then so is that it let me get struck a menu what do we have let’s check your settings to make sure Evan set up the tech and the speech recordings found don’t really want recording so keep on like okay let’s go on to it so I don’t know why there are two microphones so I’m guessing depending on language you speak you select the microphone and it will translate I’m guessing and there’s an icon at the top I don’t know what that is sure this message to the person you are speaking with to share that you are using the app to translate what they say I get so I’m guessing that when you do that when you pick the languages


Offline Translation


It will automatically show the right language that you want to show it to you so okay I understand that let’s try it let’s play I’m gonna click the blue button and see how that works ight and I’m guessing I have to keep talking because I thought it’s going to come up immediately back clearly it doesn’t so if I keep speaking like that and work out how to use say hi and if I stop talking let’s see what happens so I’m guessing I mean the few happens clearly need some work just before I try another language I mean it’s clear that it’s not bad it’s quite accurate there is element of comma a full stop is not really there maybe because I didn’t stop enough but the accuracy is actually not bad not bad at all so if I just delete that deleted conversation let’s pick another language let’s pick I don’t know French oh I’m guessing she said francais because I heard something let’s get go with mail and let’s see if it’s type instead type to tap to type whole to speak right oh I get it




Now I get it doesn’t make sense to me you have to hold to typed okay tap to speak right that’s it so let’s try again I’m going to click on English again now this is my second attempt to use the say hi Android app and this time of selected the French just to see how it works because really the main focus of this video this review to see how it works for anyone who needs transcription done in person if you can’t hear the person you can type it out or get that person to speak on the phone show it to you let’s see how it works like when I stop talking question you know when you go abroad on holidays you want to translate now we’re done so that’s interesting the fact that you’ve got so many languages as well to choose from it’s quite cool and I think you know there are other apps that do that as well so I’m sure not like garlic on you but it’s quite nifty I like how you have both the English and French at the same time the accuracy is not bad like I didn’t say Nadia I didn’t say that but I’m gonna guess I’m wondering for those who are French speaking how accurate is the translation the grammar how is it however I’m guessing that obviously you could type it in and maybe better so if I hold down the microphone and there you go obviously I can type it in like that instead how you I mean okay that’s how it works interesting that’s quite nasty nifty it’s a bit confusing at times like why the two microphone but now I get it and you can clear the conversation what is that icon at the top ah so now you can see the language different


Bubble Text Translator:


When I show it to the person to a french-speaking person that’s what I will show and that’s quite good idea actually and yeah that’s it that’s it that’s the review of this app and it’s quite handy maybe the accuracy is not the best like other places but I think you can get by I think you can yeah you can get by with this quality so put the intestine so it looks like an app like say hi I can give you different things so originally I was just wanting for something like transcription in person captioning in person as such and maybe it could be used for that and I think it can maybe if you get turn off the you know the sound maybe that would be better but at the same time it looks quite useful for international translations to do that with so many languages so it looked quite good it’s quite simple to use want to get into it I want to get past the initial beginning bit where all that great us.


Input box language translation:


Now or all these things why would I do that so what yeah that’s for it if you want to have it installed on your phone chuckle I I put the link in the description and I don’t know if it’s available on iOS but I’m sure there’s an equivalent but for Android there it’s free as well so you never know maybe it will be useful for you whether it’s for communication with someone who’s deaf or hard-of-hearing or vice versa for you to connect up with the person who’s hearing and you can’t hear them or for international translations as well thank you for watching this review of say hi and I hope you enjoyed I hope you found it useful for you and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and like this video if you liked it and if you have other apps that you know of that might be worth looking into let me know in a comment as well and I’d love to hear from you in the meantime I will speak to you again soon take care.



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